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Friday, 27 February 2015 16:50


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Lawyers of the company "ALFA LEX CONSULTING" provide a comprehensive package of services at all stages of the executive (post-trial) production, from the moment of the execution, ending with the execution and closing of the case. Our lawyers have years of experience with state executive service, as well as more than 259 successful cases of debt collection and real execution of the courts of all instances. In addition, our company has experience with foreign jurisdictions and enforcement of foreign judgments in Ukraine.


We offer our clients the following services:

- complex support for debt enforcement

- a legal analysis of the debtor's solvency and the prospects of recovery through the organs of the State executive service

- documentary and procedural support of procedure of debt recovery

- representation of the interests of creditors and debtors at all stages of enforcement proceedings

- complex support in the implementation of the enforcement of the debtor's property

- appeal against the actions and decisions of the territorial bodies of the State executive service

- documentary support the recognition of foreign judgments

- legal representation in the execution of court decisions in a foreign jurisdiction

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Friday, 27 February 2015 16:50


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Lawyers ALFA LEX CONSULTING advice on issues that arise in obtaining licenses, registration of medicines and drugs, market pricing, and advertising. Our lawyers accompany the activities of private medical clinics and offices involved in the development of the contractual framework, internal documentation and represent the interests of regular public authorities.

Our services include:

- advice on licensing and regulatory issues
- contractual business support
- participation in tenders
- the development of internal standards
- antitrust consulting
- legal audit of the company
- M&A



Roman Popov   Michael Silkin  

Friday, 27 February 2015 16:50


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The company's lawyers provide comprehensive legal support for registration, transfer, use, protection of the rights of intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks and domain names. Also, our lawyers made a comprehensive audit of intellectual property, protect the rights and legitimate interests of clients in the public and law enforcement agencies, as well as provide legal support in the courts of all levels.



 Roman Popov   Shustka Jan  Anton Antonovich

Eugene Poluden

Friday, 27 February 2015 16:50


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Lawyers practices have considerable experience in the field of banking. Our lawyers advise commercial banks, financial institutions, government agencies and local governments, as well as businesses and individuals on a wide range of financial issues.

Credit consulting

We offer our clients the following services:

- analysis of credit agreements and other loan agreements
- support of transactions on the conclusion of credit and loan agreements for individuals and legal entities
- representation of the client during the restructuring of financial liabilities
- protection of the interests of the client at the stage of foreclosure property

Return of deposit

We offer our clients the following services:

- providing advice on the return of customer deposits
- complex support the process of return of the deposit

Litigation with banks

We offer our clients the following services:

- analysis of contracts for the provision of loans and credit lines
- providing recommendations on the conclusion of a credit or loans
- a comprehensive legal support clients in courts of all levels and jurisdictions
- complex support procedures with respect to the prohibition of alienation of movable and immovable property, the removal of the property from arrest



Roman Popov    Vitaly Rechitz  

Friday, 27 February 2015 16:50


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The team of lawyers of the company ALPHA CONSULTING LEX includes specialists in the field of insurance law. We provide our clients with legal advice in the following areas: property insurance, life insurance, accident insurance and reinsurance.

The main areas of consulting are:

- obtaining licenses to engage in insurance activities and related issues regular
- the resolution of disputes between legal entities that are related to insurance and reinsurance
- debt restructuring
- legal assistance in qualifying events in which an insured event occurs
- a comprehensive analysis of the rules approved by the insurer of insurance, insurance contracts standard for compliance with the applicable Ukrainian legislation
- legal support of the acquisition of insurance policies



Roman Popov   Vasily Klimenko  

Friday, 27 February 2015 16:50


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Legal company "ALFA LEX CONSULTING" actively promotes the development of the agricultural business in the central region of Ukraine, accompanying the projects with the participation of Ukrainian agricultural companies. Our team of lawyers accompanies projects for reorganization, mergers and acquisitions of agricultural enterprises, as well as a legal adviser on the management of the agricultural business and the acquisition of various property rights to land.

We provide advice on the following aspects of agrarian business:

Business Management:

- tax planning
- development, analysis of existing legal framework and international contracts
- structuring work units and branches
- advising on labor relations
- registration actions
- management asset
- construction business development strategy
- optimization of risks in the conduct of business
- due diligence
- alternative liquidation of the enterprise
- mergers and acquisitions (M & A)
- legal audit and develop schemes to attract investment in the business

Land and property:

- allocating land and property for rent
- sale and purchase of agricultural land
- legal audit of land
- development of project documentation and evaluation of land
- renewal of a lease of land
- state registration of rights to land
- change of purpose of land
- comprehensive support for construction of agricultural buildings (warehouses, barns, livestock farms, elevators, cooling systems for dairy products)

Government Relations:

- legal analysis of the regulatory bodies of requests and respond
- participated in conducting inspections and training to client checks
- the appeal of illegal actions of government and law enforcement

Countering unfriendly mergers/acquisitions:

- develop a plan to counter the seizure of its business or assets
- preparing an application to the Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine anti-raiding, regulatory and law enforcement authorities
- judicial protection
- conduct PR-campaign




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