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Alienation of property rights on a competitive basis, in our opinion, have the most objective way of legal transactions. And the land as a commodity and the most valuable means of production is no exception. Land sector has always differed from others of its appeal, and therefore is in constant Earpiece. Constantly change the qualitative characteristics of land, purpose, owners, users.

 The emergence and existence of land auctions due to the need of redistribution of land, regardless of their form of ownership, location, purpose.

 Land sales as a transparent way to change owners or users of land should be considered in the context of investment, facilitate investment climate in Kirovograd and Kirovograd region, and in Ukraine as a whole.

 Clear organization and holding of land sales - a very important guarantee for the interests of both the state and local governments, as well as for fair sector, in particular for representatives of agribusiness. Transparent land auctions provide the best man win.

 We would like to note that very well, paying attention to the right of ownership, land use rights, special attention is paid to how to acquire such rights.

 Land auctions as a way of acquiring property rights and the right to lease agricultural land - is a priority for the Kirovograd region, as Kirovograd agrarian region is, therefore, land and property rights to land are the main means of production for farmers.

 Law Firm "ALFA LEX CONSULTING" as a performer land auctions provide you with transparency, speed of land auction, as well as provide guarantees for the rights and interests of both parties, alienating property rights for the land, and for those who have acquired such rights.






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