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Legal company "ALFA LEX CONSULTING" actively promotes the development of the agricultural business in the central region of Ukraine, accompanying the projects with the participation of Ukrainian agricultural companies. Our team of lawyers accompanies projects for reorganization, mergers and acquisitions of agricultural enterprises, as well as a legal adviser on the management of the agricultural business and the acquisition of various property rights to land.

We provide advice on the following aspects of agrarian business:

Business Management:

- tax planning
- development, analysis of existing legal framework and international contracts
- structuring work units and branches
- advising on labor relations
- registration actions
- management asset
- construction business development strategy
- optimization of risks in the conduct of business
- due diligence
- alternative liquidation of the enterprise
- mergers and acquisitions (M & A)
- legal audit and develop schemes to attract investment in the business

Land and property:

- allocating land and property for rent
- sale and purchase of agricultural land
- legal audit of land
- development of project documentation and evaluation of land
- renewal of a lease of land
- state registration of rights to land
- change of purpose of land
- comprehensive support for construction of agricultural buildings (warehouses, barns, livestock farms, elevators, cooling systems for dairy products)

Government Relations:

- legal analysis of the regulatory bodies of requests and respond
- participated in conducting inspections and training to client checks
- the appeal of illegal actions of government and law enforcement

Countering unfriendly mergers/acquisitions:

- develop a plan to counter the seizure of its business or assets
- preparing an application to the Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine anti-raiding, regulatory and law enforcement authorities
- judicial protection
- conduct PR-campaign




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