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Шустка Яна

     Settlers, who were forced to leave their homes in the Crimea and in the area of ATO state grants the right to receive free legal aid. In addition, lawyers and experts in the field of law will help them not only in the courts, and during relations with public authorities.

     27.03.2015 the initiative group of deputies was introduced to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the draft law "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On Free Legal Aid"(about the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons). Number of the draft law 2373. Illustrative there is the fact that the initiative group includes representatives of the coalition and opposition MPs. Perhaps someone is preparing for elections and earns political points.

     This legislative initiative provides that persons who are subject to this Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons" are entitled to all kinds of legal assistance, which are provided by p. 2, Art. 13, of the Act.

      Today, the right of free legal aid guaranteed by the state only to persons who have average total family income below the subsistence minimum for, orphans, children who are deprived of parental care and other categories of the population.

      I personally almost every day encounter with people who relocated from the temporarily occupied territories. Yes, they need legal assistance, and well, that it is guaranteed by the state - is one thing. And far to the bare essentials. Internally displaced persons are in need of more necessary - providing at least temporary shelter, uninterrupted continuation of studies, employment, recovery of lost documents, and others.

     At the last congress partner of law firm "ALFA LEX CONSULTING" I emphasized partners on the fact that one of the main directions of our activities in these difficult times will provide PRO BONO services. After all, we are positioning ourselves not only as a group of professionals in law, but also as a socially oriented, creative and capable for large-scale development legal company.

     Taking this opportunity, I would say that on Saturday, 28.03.2015, the legal counsel of the company "ALFA LEX CONSULTING" took part in the tenth-competition for the right to provide free legal aid, which organized the Main Department of Justice in the Kirovograd region. Other lawyers will join to civil society organizations and legal clinics in the region.

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Popov R.

     Authorities surprised by the new legislation recently. We have become estranged from such a rapid pace of change. And when changes have been made - they were isolated, non-professional and non-system.

     The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, together with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine once again took up for agriculture. Typically, changes in this sphere are scare, but we hope that this time is still something better.

     According to the Act of 03.05.2015, it was granted the rights of a significant part to notaries the state registrar of property rights in the sphere of registration of rights to agricultural land.

Now notary:

  • Performs the functions of the state registrar of real estate rights;
  • Has access to and uses the State Land Cadaster, forms of extraction with cadaster.

     In my opinion, the provision of notaries right of access to state land cadastre - is very correct systemic change, because now getting to extraction the SLC artificially complicated that there is a cause of corruption risks.

     Most of this innovation will make happy agribusiness enterprises, since they are most dependent on the availability of registration of property rights. All agribusiness based on millions agricultural land which are shared. And in the case of failure of registration actions in a certain order and within the agricultural sector, the company line is not entitled to use the preferential tax regime in agriculture.

     Therefore, I personally estimate the most positive such innovations. However, they should be improved and effective control.


Managing Partner

Law Company «Alfa Lex Consulting»

Popov R.

Friday, 27 February 2015 16:50

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Гражданские дела в нашей стране требуют особого внимания и опыта. Заключение договоров, контрактов, является основой правоотношений как в бизнесе (заключение сделок), так и в обычной жизни (покупка жилья, товаров, услуг и т.д.).
        Проведение операций с недвижимостью желательно осуществлять после консультации с юристами. Нюансы договоров, незаметные для «рядовых» граждан, могут способствовать тому, что сделка будет не соответствовать закону и возникнет риск признания ее недействительной. Нередки случаи судебных споров по недвижимости, споров по наследству, где без специальных знаний и опыта не обойтись.

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